chapter  13
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Positive Solutions for Individual Differences

ByMildred C. Robeck, Randall R. Wallace

Organization of the reading program within the classroom is the responsibility of the teacher. Teachers in self-contained classrooms usually have some freedom in the amount of time given to reading instruction, in the periods of the schoolday it will be taught, in how much reading is emphasized in other curricular areas, and in the materials or approaches selected for a particular class. When the reading program is departmentalized, however, an individual teacher may have little influence over the organizational structure of the total reading program or the basis for assigning a particular student to particular classes. Although the creative-self directing teacher can find ways to give students freedom within a rigid administrative system, a flexible classroom organization is conducive to individualized instruction. David Russell distinguished between the developmental-functional aspects of reading programs and the recreational-enrichment aspects. Direct Instructional Systems is a direct instruction method which teaches a particular response to a particular stimulus, followed immediately by teacher reinforcement.