chapter  1
The metalanguage’s mechanism of communicating the whole via the part and the strategy of corporate communication
WithSui Yan
Pages 47

The phenomenon of metalanguage informs not only the process of constructing and communicating national images; the construction of the city image, the corporate image and the personal image also resorts to the metalanguage mechanism to establish new meanings, produce consensus of opinions and create certain myths. In the present-day world where consumerism is ubiquitous, people are surrounded by a kaleidoscopic variety of new-fangled marketing strategies in their daily lives. This chapter intends to focus on the construction of corporate identity as the object of analysis and to re-examine the mechanism of metalanguage via various forms of communication practices. The purpose of undertaking those philosophical speculations is to bring corporate identity into the conceptual framework of the semiotic logic – to examine the formation and communication mechanisms of "identity" or "image" from the perspective of semiotic theory. From the semiotic perspective, a story can become a symbol which showcases the image of a certain corporate organization.