chapter  5
The mechanism of synergic communication between two systems of signifiers
The international communication of the Chinese media
WithSui Yan
Pages 12

The system of macro signifiers refers to those abstract generalizations that one arrives at after processing or refining on the basis of one's personal experiences and feelings. It may also refer to the expression of those signifiers that originate from indirect feedback or commentaries. The system of macro signifiers involves such features as the nature, nationality and the property of the media symbols. The system of micro signifiers constructs media image by means of the generalization mechanism whereas the system of macro signifiers constructs media image by means of the naturalization mechanism. But in the mind of the audiences, those two ways of constructing media image are intertwined. The media image is composed of two meanings conveyed by the media symbols. One is the connotative signification produced by the media symbol by virtue of the naturalization mechanism; it is referred to here as the meaning of the connotateur.