chapter  6
The “APEC blue”
The transmutation of symbols from mass communication to group communication
WithSui Yan
Pages 10

In November 2014, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Meeting was held in Beijing. While APEC, as a strong symbol, kept appearing in the mainstream media with high frequency, what went truly viral in the Wechat Moments was the "APEC blue", which refers to the blue sky which was made possible by means of artificial intervention in the frequently heavily polluted climate of Beijing on such an important occasion as the APEC summit. The emergence of the "APEC blue" as a symbol represents a perfect example of how group communication poses challenges to the power of isology in mass communication. The group communication represented by social media comes into existence in the age of the Internet, an age defined by post-modernist characteristics. Such a communication is essentially an act designed by the groups to carry out communication that is de-institutionalized, de-centralized and disposed of a supervisory authority.