chapter  7
The characteristics of strong symbols and their power of communication
WithSui Yan
Pages 8

Strong symbols generally incorporate the value identity, mainstream awareness and social relationships of the societal communities. They are the final crystallizations of the joint subjective efforts by the media, organizations, and groups. Strong symbols are generated out of a myriad of ordinary symbols that resonate with the ethos of the society as a whole, but they are not independent of the overall system of symbols. In the iconized modern society, strong symbols are an effective approach to international communication. The strong symbols developed from major hotspot events undoubtedly carry the greatest persuasive power; therefore, in a certain degree, the power of persuasion means the power of communication. The goal of the communication is to project to the international community a positive, open, modernized and civilized contemporary Chinese society. In order to communicate such a national image, it is essential that one might choose the appropriate symbols to convey the appropriate meanings.