chapter  4
The diachronic Magical Villages Program
Frames and technologies in motion
ByCasper Jacobsen
Pages 20

This chapter focuses on a diachronic sketch of the generic Magical Villages Program through analysis of publicly available material: government and program documents, newspaper articles, and press releases. The historicizing approach applied is indispensable for critically engaging with a program that has transformed greatly since its inception in 2001, yet which has consistently displayed itself through the static frame of multicultourism. The chapter shows that the Magical Villages Program has changed significantly during its course and was never launched as a non-moldable program. Combined with the transformative character, the temporal infinity turns the program into a social technology through which government institutions may install and test infinite criteria, objectives, and policies. In the National Program of Tourism, the Magical Villages Program was launched as part of an effort to strengthen domestic tourism. The brand function is legitimized by explaining national and international visits to the Magical Villages as direct consequences of brand potency.