chapter  5
When pros turn pro
Community ambassadors and social order
ByCasper Jacobsen
Pages 20

The municipal government is responsible for shaping a functional pro group consisting of exemplary citizens who can function as local program ambassadors to mold the citizenry in the image of the program. The emerging consciousness-raising campaign is subsequently inspected to bring to view the social order and technologies of citizenship that the campaign visualizes to achieve its ends. This chapter examines how the participants enact the institution and negotiate their social and institutional roles. It provides a mode of government that Cruikshank terms "technologies of citizenship". The chapter analyzes the opening and closing of the meeting to show how narrative consensus comes to be established. It tunes in on the emergence of inferential schemata, meaning-making structures, and aims that construct links between the meeting participants and the program, and create didactic templates for problematizing the conduct of other citizen groups.