chapter  6
Multicultourism in the Magical Village
Setting temporality and translocality
ByCasper Jacobsen
Pages 25

This chapter shows how the urban environment has been adapted through Cuetzalan's participation in the Magical Villages Program. It analyzes a travel magazine that celebrates the town's decennial anniversary as a Magical Village to show how mediation of urban space and social life accentuates the tendencies identified in the physical environment. In the context of multicultourism, the Nahuas constitute live signifiers of a mestizo majoritarian national storytelling enmeshed in pre-Hispanic mythistory. The chapter also analyzes how the politically promoted term magical has managed to assert itself as a primordial condition of social reality and become a natural way for inhabitants to think and talk about town life. It explores analytical order by examining how Cuetzalan's physical urban environment has been modified and infused with signage and narratives to produce a narrative setting revolving around a recognition framework with distinct temporal and translocal underpinnings that organize how citizens think and talk about the town.