chapter  4
The March on Rome
WithGiulia Albanese
Pages 40

Chapter 4 reconstructs Fascist action in the days of the March on Rome at both a national and local level. This analysis reveals that while the March was no doubt a spectacular show of strength at the national level, it played an especially fundamental role at the local one, since it was functional to the seizing of power (through the elimination of anti-Fascist administrations) in those areas which had yet to fall under Fascist control. The use of force by the squadristi proved crucial for these operations, notwithstanding an awareness of the compliance shown by law enforcement and the incredulity displayed in those rare cases in which they responded with violence. This chapter comes to a close with Mussolini’s appointment and a demonstration of the fact that this appointment did not bring an end to Fascist action, which continued until demobilisation was enforced.