chapter  2
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The EEM Road Map

This chapter sets out the early equipment management (EEM) game plan, how it works, and how to apply it to ratchet up return on capital investment. The EEM road map integrates five underpinning EEM subsystems into a seamless integrated project delivery process, one that is capable of achieving flawless operation from day one and the lowest life cycle cost (LCC). The EEM team consists of players with commercial, operational and technology-related expertise. The EEM road map is designed to trap latent weaknesses at each step, starting with the concept development and ending with the handover to operations after the achievement of stable operation. Each step of the EEM road map is organized into five work streams: Mobilization, including planning the plan, Design decisions to be made at that step, Updating the specification to reflect the decisions made, planning and resource definition for the next EEM step, and the stage gate/readiness review process.