chapter  30
Unified Framework for Secure Big Data Management and Analytics
ByBhavani Thuraisingham, Mohammad Mehedy Masud, Pallabi Parveen, Latifur Khan
Pages 12

This chapter presents the various parts of a big data system into an automatic framework for carrying out analytics but at the same time ensuring security. It provides the guidelines for policy processing for big data systems, and metadata that includes data provenance both for access control and inference control, as well as information sharing and explores features such as risk-based access control and inference into such a framework. The chapter comprises privacy-aware data analytics for big data systems such as social media systems. Integrity management is essential for big data systems such as social media systems in order to provide accurate and timely information to its users. There are many aspects to integrity. For example, concurrency control, recovery, data accuracy, meeting real-time constraints, data accuracy, data quality, data provenance, fault tolerance, and integrity constraint enforcement are all aspects of integrity management.