chapter  VII
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The Transfer of Territory

ByCharles Roden Buxton

War is contemplated as a probability, and the prospect of being cut off from essential supplies is a fear constantly present. The scheme of world resettlement would be bound up with the question of security. Its supreme object is to remove the causes of war. After the Great War, the Allied Governments did not trouble themselves about the wishes of the inhabitants when they allotted to themselves (under Mandate, it is true) the whole of the territories taken from Germany and Turkey. The transfer of colonies, in certain cases, as part of a scheme of world resettlement, might bring substantial advantages to the Native peoples concerned; few would question the gain in human welfare which would result from the transfer, for instance, of certain territories by Portugal. These advantages would be all the greater if it were made a condition of transfer that territories not now mandated should henceforth be held under Mandate.