chapter  VIII
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The Extension of the Mandate System

ByCharles Roden Buxton

While transfers of territory may conceivably be necessary as a temporary measure, the true remedy, is to move in the direction of international control. The first and most obvious step in this direction is to extend the Mandate System in the form in which it exists at present; the present Mandatory Powers would continue to hold their Mandates, and the possessors of colonies would hold them henceforth under Mandate. The principle on which the Mandate System is based is a fundamentally right one, though its application is confined at present to a narrow scope. That principle is that the advanced peoples have a joint responsibility to the backward peoples. In particular, all Mandates should contain a general provision as to definite training for self-government. The Mandatory should be required to report annually to the Mandates Commission (or Colonial Department) as to the steps taken in this direction during the preceding year.