chapter  4
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First Principles of Illiberalism

WithPeter L. P. Simpson

If the state, then, is an invention of liberalism's myth, and if political phenomena are distorted by being looked at through the myth of the state, as both theorists and practitioners now do, the first need in political philosophy, not to mention political practice, is to remove the phenomena from the distortion and see them and analyze them as they really are. If human community begins from the family and for the sake of more complete realization of full human good, and if concern for religion, or wonder about the origin of things, especially about the origin of man himself, manifests itself as part of this realization, then certain fundamental features of the nature of human community may be deduced. One particular feature of this drive is the way it will tend to create in human community two different kinds of authority: the authority that is concerned with the present, and the authority that is concerned with the trans-human.