chapter  5
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The Personalism of Illiberalism

WithPeter L. P. Simpson

Political thought, since it is about community, and since community is about the drive for comprehensive truth, should take that drive as its principle and goal. The principle and goal, then, is the drive, rather than a comprehensive vision of the good as such. The objectivity of the good is a matter of much dispute among philosophers and the population at large, but the fact is sufficiently proved by the phenomenological experience of truth. Since truth and the striving for truth are integral to what it is to be free and a person, the community of persons, which arises for the fuller development of persons, must itself be marked by the same striving for truth. The distinction just made between the moral and the speculative teaching of religion already points to one clear way in which the question about the toleration of those who may disagree and hold rival opinions can be answered.