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ByMarian Mesrobian MacCurdy, Gerard Libaridian

This introduction presents an overview of the key concepts discussed in the subsequent chapters of this book. The book utilizes personal narrative and memoir to provide key information about Eliza—her upbringing, her personality, her marriage, and her capacity for resistance and sacrifice encouraged by the models her Armenian Revolutionary Federation brothers provided and her experiences in the Hamidian and Adana massacres. It presents the voices of Hadug Kordz, including some of the operational, logistical, political, and emotional details of their mission that demonstrate their methodologies, their commitment to their cause, and the grief and fear they lived with every day. The book demonstrates how resistance and victimhood played out in the second generation and how that affected their relationships and their parenting of the next generation. It investigates some methods of resistance, including speech and writing, and their utility for trauma survivors to demonstrate what may mediate the effects of trauma.