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ByJames A. Clapp

Moscow seethes and bubbles and gasps for air. It's always thirsting for something new, the newest events, the latest sensation. Everyone wants to be the first to know. It's the rhythm of life today. The ills of New York cannot be solved by money. New York will be ill until it is magnificent. For New York must be ready to show the way to the rest of Western civilization. Until it does, it will be no more than the victim of the technological revolution no matter how much money it receives in its budget. Money bears the same relation to social solutions that water does to blood. Arguably more than any other aspect of a Western industrialized economy, urbanization has contributed to the social organization of homoerotic life and a freer expression of alternative gender roles and identities. There is an immortal continuity in the people of Tokyo that transcends the endings and beginnings of the physical city.