chapter  3
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Staying Alive in Northern New Jersey

ByDavid B. Sachsman, Warren Sloat

Northern New Jersey is the territory of the Newark Star-Ledger and the Bergen Record, newspapers rich in circulation and advertising dollars. To the west lies suburban and rural Morris County, where the Daily Record thrives and the Daily Advance struggles to survive. The newspapers of northwestern New Jersey are in competition, a competition only the Daily Advance is losing. The newspapers of northeastern New Jersey are not just competing with each other—they are virtually falling over each other. When rural Morris County began becoming suburban in the 1950s, the Daily Records chief competitor was the Newark News, which for many years outsold the Record in Morris. In the 1960s the Advance did well. The heightened activity of the Picatinny Arsenal during the Vietnam War was a major factor in the boom times, explained Publisher Austin Drukker. "One of the most exciting things about being a publisher in northern New Jersey is its highly competitive nature," he added.