chapter  8
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Implementing SMED

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., Washing Machine Division (Mikuni Plant)
WithShigeo Shingo

This division of Matsushita Electric was established in 1956 to produce “National” brand washing machines. It produces dishwashers and twin-tub washing machines on a 1,000-meter conveyor line at a rate of approximately one machine every six seconds. In the new process, holders are removed from the lathe and tips are changed outside the machine. Fine dimensioning adjustments are performed with the aid of a gauge. This new procedure has led to dramatic improvements in two key areas: adjustment and tip-changing times have been reduced from fifteen to five minutes, and size defects went from thirty per month to zero. Rotary mounting hardware was made that adapts immediately to the specific machine models ordered by rotating 180°. Two kinds of machines can be handled by this arrangement. Where more than two kinds are involved, nozzles should be changed during external setup operations.