chapter  15
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Examples and Effects of the SMED System

Glory Industries K.K.
WithShigeo Shingo

Glory Industries, which began operations in March 1918, processed industrial machinery and ship engine parts, under contract with other firms. After 1950, taking advantage of the development of coin-counting machines for the Mint Bureau, the company devoted its energies to developing its own line of manufactured products. For simple items produced in very small lots, processing was carried out with multipurpose dies on a 25-ton press. Because there were approximately thirty whole diameters involved, centering and slide adjustments were performed when dies were exchanged. In the improved operation, dies for securing upper and lower dies are permanently attached to the 25-ton press and made so that, by mere insertion, V-die punches in the upper die and V-groove dies in the lower die can be changed in accordance with plate thickness. The tip of a spot welder is selected and changed according to the thickness of the plate to be welded, the material involved, its shape.