chapter  16
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Achievement of SMED Through Company-Wide Activities

Kyoei Kogyo K.K.
WithShigeo Shingo

Kyoei Kogyo produces supplies for offices, homes, and factories in its plants in Hiratsuka and Kyoto. The company, with headquarters in Tokyo, was founded in 1948 with capital of ¥ 440. It employs approximately 500 workers. Each year, approximately 300,000 filing cabinets are made in Kyoei Kogyo’s plants, accounting for a market share of roughly 70%. More than the large number of units produce, the high degree of customer confidence in products makes proud. Group proposals have increased, and there has been a rapid rise, too, in the annual number of proposals made — roughly a fourfold increase since this method was inaugurated. To improve the setup, a movable die storage truck was built immediately adjoining the press so that dies no longer had to be brought from remote storage. Upper and lower dies are set into position on this truck, and items liable to fall are attached with auxiliary fixtures.