chapter  18
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Using SMED for Aluminum Die-Casting Dies

Tsuta Machine and Metals Co., Ltd.
WithShigeo Shingo

Founded in 1922, Tsuta Machine has gone through a number of transformations and produces aluminum alloy die castings. Monthly production averages 300 tons. Various kinds of machine processing, precision machine parts construction, and machine design are carried out at machine division. To minimize costs accompanying the application of SMED to die-casting die changes used leftover materials, constructed intermediary jigs, assembled roller conveyors, and made clamping hardware. Costs for the purchase of springs, free bearings, and the inhouse repair of certain dies came to less than ¥ 30,000–¥ 50,000 per die. Providing a spraying mechanism within the die eliminates the need to attach and adjust a device for spraying a die separation agent. This makes possible substantial setup time reductions. Figured air vents were embedded symmetrically in multiple oblique vent slots in both the fixed and movable dies, creating a thin “figured weave-shaped” vent.