chapter  19
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The Shingo One-Touch Die Exchange System: The Boltless Method

WithShigeo Shingo

In the case of a molding machine or die casting machine, a die was like a mountain climber clinging to a sheer cliff, affixed in mid-air to the machine’s die mounting plate only by the strength of bolts. If the grip of a bolt were in the least bit loose, then gravity and vibration would cause the die to fall. When standardizing, the usual approach is to begin by standardizing new dies, since a great deal of time and trouble goes into rebuilding the numerous dies already on hand. Even more trouble will be caused, however, unless all dies are standardized for the boltless method. When active dies are apportioned to specific molding machines, there will normally be five or six — or at most ten — dies for each machine. Introducing the boltless method for each machine at this point will both give the quickest results and reduce confusion on the shop floor.