chapter  4
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Techniques for Applying SMED

WithShigeo Shingo

Managers and manufacturing engineers have failed to devote their full abilities to the analysis of setup operations. In the setup procedure for a press, adjusting shut height requires a great degree of skill. It is widely believed, furthermore, that this operation must be performed as part of internal setup. Trial shots are usually performed as part of the internal setup of die-casting machines. Cold dies are attached to the machine and gradually heated to the appropriate temperature by injecting molten metal. The first casting is then made. Since the material injected during the heating process will produce defective castings, items from the first casting must be remolded. At a fabric manufacturing plant, dyeing operations had been conducted by immersing a rack holding a number of threads in a dyeing vat and then heating the vat with steam. This was a very time-consuming operation, because it took quite a while for the vat to reach the right temperature.