chapter  6
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Basic Examples of SMED

WithShigeo Shingo

Shut height adjustment is one of the most critical and demanding aspects of setup on a press. Punching allows a small margin of error, but if a shut height adjustment for bending or pressing results in an insufficient stroke, perfect moldings will be impossible. If the stroke is too large, on the other hand, the mold will be destroyed. When setting up a press, the die must be positioned in the center of the bolster. With small presses in particular, the shank attachment whole in the center of the ram must fit onto the die shank and then be secured with screws. During setup, both front-to-back and right-to-left alignment are set automatically when the upper jig comes into contact with the centering jig. This way, the shank and shank hole engage easily even when the die is lowered at normal speed. Thus, the need to inch the ram downward and perform the alignment by hand is eliminated.