chapter  Chapter 10
MCHF Continuum Wave Functions
WithCharlotte Froese Fischer, Tomas Brage, Per Jönsson
Pages 23

This chapter considers simple continuum wave functions where there is only one possible continuum electron. This is the beginning of a bridge to the extensive literature associated with scattenng theory and electron impact excitation and ionization. The chapter also considers processes associated with photo-absorption. Many radiative and collision processes involve one or more continuum electrons. The Hartree-Fock approximation omits the effect of correlation in the case of bound state wave functions. The continuum problem differs from the general bound state problem where the continuum orbital is singly occupied and there is only one orbital. The energy of the continuum electron is the difference of the energy of the target and the perturber. The present code is designed around the logarithmic grid of the MCHF program. This resmcts its application to studies such as photoionization near threshold where the continuum orbital is not oscillating too rapidly for the underlying grid.