chapter  Appendix
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A Information Warfare

Information Warfare has become popular lo describe what some believe to be the method for the next, or as a few believe, current, great global conflict. The battlefield for this conflict will not be found in the cities and countryside of any distant land but rather in the fields of silicon found in computer systems. The weapons of choice will not be the bombs, bullets, tanks, and planes we have associated with warfare in this century but rather the keyboard, monitor, and telecommunication systems that permeate society. An example of corporate level information warfare between two corporations can be seen in a court case involving Borland International, Inc. and Symantec Corp. Winn Schwartau has described a number of different weapons, which can be used to conduct information warfare, among these are: Malicious Software, Sniffers, Electromagnetic eavesdropping equipment, Computer chips, High Energy Radio-Frequency (HERF) Guns, and Electromagnetic Pulse Transformer (EMPT) Bombs. "Chipping" is the hardware version of malicious software.