chapter  Seven
Energy Management Decision Making in the Smaller Sized Firms
ByLiam Fahey
Pages 55

This chapter provides a qualitative analysis of energy management in the smaller sized firms. It describes the energy conservation decision making processes in two firms which have attempted to develop systematic approaches to energy management. Energy management committees are correlated with production/manufacturing changes, management accountability, R and D initiated improvements in energy conservation and energy conservation investment criteria. The chapter provides a descriptive analysis of the energy management activity of both the divisions and independent firms in two Standard Industrial Code (SIC) classification codes. The two SIC classification codes were selected because the characteristics of the sample firms in terms of energy intensity, size of firm and generally with respect to their growth rates differed greatly between the two SIC groups. The chapter then examines the nature and interaction of the organizational roles involved in energy management decision making as well as some of the factors which influence energy management decisions.