chapter  Nine
ByLiam Fahey
Pages 29

This chapter describes some of the important conclusions that can be derived from the study's results. It explains the limitations of the study, and also describes the major energy management related conclusions with respect to large multidivisional firms and smaller sized firms. The chapter discusses some managerial implications for the successful introduction and implementation of energy management in industrial organizations. It focuses on the implications of the study for governmental agencies interested in motivating industrial energy efficiency. The chapter also explains some issues with respect to the current status and future research directions in the academic fields of business strategy/policy and organizational innovation. It identifies some areas worthy of future research in the context of energy management. All of the large multidivisional firms investigated in the study have responded to the complex and uncertain energy environment along the lines suggested by the "social response process" model found in Ackerman, Ackerman and Bauer and Murray.