chapter  9
Antiracist Strategies and Solutions
Past, Present, and Future
ByJoe R. Feagin, Kimberley Ducey
Pages 62

The racist patterns and arrangements regularly generate open resistance and organized opposition from Americans of color. These oppressive patterns have occasionally been altered to some degree by antiracist movements in the past, and they can conceivably be changed again if the effort is great enough. One research project presented white college students with demographic projections showing white Americans becoming a statistical minority. Whether Americans of color do become substantially more powerful economically and politically in future decades depends on several factors, including the strength of their political coalitions and the potency of countering measures taken by the white elite and public to maintain whites' great power and privilege in society. White voters' racial views were important in the 2016 election. Drawing on questions about white consciousness in surveys, social scientist Ashley Jardina found that the white sense of racial solidarity was positively associated with support for Trump in that election.