chapter  Two
Purposes of Case Studies
ByMarcia M. Norton, Paula E. Lester
Pages 12

Case studies pose a problem or dilemma and are designed to help potential and practicing administrators. Short case studies are excellent for stimulating different responses to a generic problem. The protocol for developing short case studies should include an outline of the format for the case description. Case studies allow students to address problems that they might not have had the opportunity to encounter firsthand. Case-study development helps aspiring administrators with reflective problem analysis. By writing cases about problems in their schools, students assess and internalize the multifaceted world of school administration. Case studies are enjoying a new status in educational administration preparation programs throughout the United States and are an effective tool for conveying knowledge and analyzing behavior. Students in educational administration programs need to become involved in the creative problem-solving process and develop a repertoire of skills in order to become effective future administrators.