chapter  Four
Middle-School and Junior-High Case Studies
ByMarcia M. Norton, Paula E. Lester
Pages 46

By the time students reach middle school or junior high, most become quickly aware of teachers' problems. They discuss these problems among themselves and often tell their parents about incidents occurring at school that are inappropriate on the part of teachers. When teachers violate their professional code of ethics by psychologically or physically abusing students, immeasurable damage can occur to fragile student psyches, with future implications for the rest of their school years. Parent-related case studies include a parent complaint about cooperative learning; a negative parent-teacher conference; complaints about teacher expectations; a request not to have a student placed with a specific teacher; demands made by the PTA president; and the parental role in student retention. Student-related cases include leaving school without permission; fear of a teacher; student-to-student sexual assault; selling stolen candy; a student failing all subjects; physically threatening a teacher; and insubordination.