chapter  Five
High-School Case Studies
ByMarcia M. Norton, Paula E. Lester
Pages 48

At the high-school level, any personnel problem quickly becomes public knowledge and very often finds its way into the local press, causing numerous problems for the high-school principal and central office administration. This chapter on high-school case studies includes teacher problems that address absenteeism; name-calling; assaulting a student; classroom observation problems; refusal to serve as advisor; withholding a grade for a graduating senior; and low passing scores on statewide exams. Parent problems are reflected in case studies that include demands of a parent "Committee for Academic Excellence;" complaints about new courses; use of personal influence; and accusation of a teacher hitting a student. Cases that address student problems include absence for abortion; suspension of special-education students; inappropriate cheerleader behavior; graffiti at a rival school during a sports event; breaking up a student fight; teenage pregnancy; and yearbook policies including student freedom of expression.