chapter  Six
Support-Staff Case Studies
ByMarcia M. Norton, Paula E. Lester
Pages 31

Professional support staff such as psychologists, guidance counselors, reading teachers, social workers, school nurses, and librarians, among others, should provide invaluable support to classroom teachers. Their expertise and ability to focus on specific skills can enhance the instructional experiences of students at all levels of learning. Most support staffs are civil-service or union employees, which presents difficulties in removing them from their position without a long legal process. Cases regarding professional support staff include a rift between the school psychologist and teachers, and concern regarding the status of a psychological referral; unprofessional behavior by the reading teacher; and library problems, including an atmosphere and improving the performance of an uncooperative librarian. Cases dealing with other support staff include a secretary with emotional problems; abusive behavior; custodial problems, including student allegations of abuse, and a custodian caught stealing money; a recess monitor accused of discrimination; and a teacher assistant undermining a teacher.