chapter  10
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Reaction Times and Waiting Until it is Too Late

ByGerald L. Gordon

The problem that is caused by either being late in seeing the problem approaching or being unwilling to accept its permanence as a long-term loss from the local economic base, is that it yields un necessarily slow responses to the problem. The students who complete either high school or college in the area must determine the best places to start their careers and may be forced to consider new locations even though they may want to "come home." Local newspapers are generally seen as covering topics of local interest, in an unbiased way, on a consistent basis and, as such, are irreplaceable. The local newspapers, then become a source of community spirit and cohesion. They are sources of news about the places in town, one's neighbors and friends, new happenings, and sports scores from the local high school, and which stores are having sales. A smaller survey was conducted in 2015 with the local newspapers in several small towns across the state of Iowa.