chapter  13
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Physical Requisites for Economic Development

ByGerald L. Gordon

Workforce and infrastructure represent two primary site location decision factors for businesses, large and small. Communities that cannot provide a prospective employer assurance that the workers are both highly skilled and available will not be able to attract a solid, sustainable employment base. Infrastructure is equally essential to employers, from manufacturers who need to bring in materials and move out the finished product, to office users who want relatively reasonable and consistent commuting times and patterns. The implications that many have taken from such statistics is that businesses, in order to attract these younger, more highly technologically trained men and women, must determine their wants from a workplace and ensure that they can provide them. There are important lessons to be drawn from the research on the needs and desires of the millennial generation. Both businesses and community should take note of the fact that this generation, across the US, is far more ethnically and racially diverse than its predecessor generations.