chapter  16
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Building Amenities to Drive Growth

ByGerald L. Gordon

Events and festivals serve the same purpose for communities as other attractions and industries. That is, visitors come to the area and spend money on entrance tickets, meals, hotels, and other purchases, and then leave without placing great strain on the public infrastructure or using other public schools. Festivals and other events also serve to boost the reputation of the community. Some festivals are not community-wide but rather neighborhood-centric. Permission to close off streets where several restaurants are located has often been granted by local officials. The arts play a dual role in a community's economic development. The greater impact of the arts on the local economy comes from viewing it as any other job-creating, revenue and tax-generating business. The Americans for the Arts reports that the industry as a whole generated more than 135 billion dollars of economic activity nationally. The city's strategic plan includes, as a goal, "build a Scottsdale business location brand on par with Scottsdale's tourism brand.".