chapter  22
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Image, Awareness, and Selling Communities to Employers

ByGerald L. Gordon

Image and awareness are two distinctly different objectives, and there are two distinctly different approaches to achieving them. Awareness is a much easier task to affect than image. Image campaigns entail driving home the strong points of a community while explaining what is being done to improve other areas. Numerous businesses will address concerns about locations in purely human terms. This should not be surprising, given that companies are comprised of human beings with human as well as business, needs. It will require federal, state, city and other local dollars as well as private support. The best that a professional economic developer can hope for in these situations is to receive full consideration when the time does come and to have an opportunity to present the case for their communities. The objectives of these involvements are to convey information, stay in touch and, potentially to receive consideration for a positive site location decision at some time in the future.