chapter  24
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Managing Inter-Jurisdictional Relationships

ByGerald L. Gordon

When corporate site location executives, and their external counsel, consider a given location as a potential site for an office or plant, they typically do so in comparison to several sites that may suit their firm's needs. When a company is seeking a location in a specific region, the component jurisdictions find themselves in competition with each other. There may be a location in the core city and two in the suburbs; there may just be three in the suburbs. The pattern of economic growth in regions across the United States has been similar for generations. Businesses help to offset the costs of public services for residents because they tend to take back far less in public services than they contribute to the real estate tax base. The locations that can offer a workforce will attract and retain the companies in the future. Universities, communities, and businesses must work together to address these issues if they want to survive.