chapter  1
14 Pages


BySusana Tosca, Lisbeth Klastrup

This introductory chapter outlines the field of study, and discusses the role of transmedial worlds in contemporary culture, pointing to the fact that today engagement with these worlds is interwoven with our everyday reality, and not something separate from it. It reflects on why we are so attracted to transmedial worlds and fictional universes, drawing on Susan Napier’s notion of the fantasyscape, Michael Saler’s idea of re-enchantment and the uses and gratifications of media use in general. It introduces the concept of transmedial audiences, and argues for the need to study the use of transmedial worlds involving multiple types of users, and the importance of also looking at small acts of engagement with these worlds, such as liking, or sharing a meme. The chapter closes with a brief introduction to the rest of the chapters in the book.