chapter  5
25 Pages


BySusana Tosca, Lisbeth Klastrup

This chapter focuses on the networked and social uses of transmedial worlds. It discusses activities related to the remixing, spreading and production of transmedial world “material”, and emphasizes the need to also study small acts of mundane engagement with transmedial worlds. In the context of the chapter, this engagement is illustrated by the use of memes on social media, as an example of how we integrate TMW references in our ordinary communication with others. Building on current theories on internet memes and genres, the chapter presents the authors’ large-scale case study of memes creation and sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Imgur. The chapter presents an original set of coding categories and meme themes that might be used in similar studies and demonstrates how these memes are communicative devices through which those who produce or share them can talk both about themselves and/or about the state of the world.