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WithWeiss Alan

In building the life, career, and contribution someone want to be worthy of at threescore and more, one need to build character. That's right, build character. As our life's journey progresses, we need to continually examine these and deliberately build on them, because as we grow, we improve, and as we improve, the bar rises still more, and as the bar rises, our character must improve to meet higher challenges. Seeking and achieving well-being on our own terms is an essential aspect of character. The extension of kindness—goodness—and genuine regard for others is a wonderful character trait. People incapable of creating strong, intimate bonds in their lives are affected by a key character flaw. The ability to form loving bonds and to allow for vulnerability. The people we coach who make the most progress the fastest are those who are comfortable exposing their fears and weaknesses—to be vulnerable in front of others.