chapter  15
21 Pages

Current Status and Trends for Green Light-Emitting Diodes

WithJunxi Wang, Zhe Liu, Ning Zhang

The progress of the growth and fabrication of In-rich InGaN-based green LEDs to overcome the green gaps for achieving high-quantum efficiency is reviewed in this chapter. The chapter includes descriptions of the history review, indium-rich InGaN films growth, quantum efficiency promotion, and prospect for the green LED. Emphasis is placed on the high indium semipolar/nonpolar InGaN films growth, carriers transportation in the heterostructures, novel heterostructure design, low-dimension ternary alloy quantum dots (QDs), nanorods LED fabrication, surface plasmon, and light extraction. This chapter also predicted that the IQE and EQE of green LED at 35A/cm 2 will reach 54% and 46% respectively in 2020 and the efficiency droop (relative EQE at 100 A/cm2 vs. 35 A/cm2) will be increased by 10%.