chapter  10
22 Pages

Requirements and Results

ByHeidi H. Harralson, Larry S. Miller

Writing standards, or exemplars as they are sometimes called, are of two kinds: collected standards and request standards. From the viewpoint of the examiner of handwriting, collected standards are the preferred material to work with in most cases, for it is the more normal and natural product. Request writings are frequently influenced by the circumstances and the knowledge that they are to be the subject of some examination. The requirements of the law, must be borne in mind, for a denial by the court to admit any of the standards may significantly alter the findings of the handwriting examiner based on the remainder of the writings. As the general rules for writing standards indicated, the duplication of the writing conditions and circumstances is a means of controlling the variables that may influence a writing. When dealing with reproductions of disputed handwriting, such as photocopies or facsimile transmissions, care must be exercised in the manner of reporting results.