chapter  14
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Science and Handwriting Identification

ByHeidi H. Harralson, Larry S. Miller

This chapter provides definitions of science and scientific method against which the discipline may be judged. Science is not the only branch of pure learning, however, and must be distinguished from other academic-pursuit branches such as economics, history, mathematics, or philosophy. Scientific knowledge is distinguished from other knowledge by the method by which it is created or collected, a systematic extension of common sense, and sound skepticism. The assignment of numbers to represent facts is a necessary ingredient of most, if not all, disciplines of science. It must be pursued in handwriting identification if it is hoped to achieve universal agreement. Handwriting identification or document examination is only worthy of the label science when its endeavors and principles achieve a measure of universal agreement. Conspectus reliability in handwriting identification is universal agreement as to what is evidence in a set of standards and its significance.