chapter  9
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Intrinsic Factors Influencing Handwriting

ByHeidi H. Harralson, Larry S. Miller

There are factors influencing writing that vary with circumstances under which the writing is executed. The writing of signatures is a more conscious act when being inscribed on formal or legal documents of some significance. Numerous environmental circumstances are suggested as conditions responsible for changes in writing, particularly of signatures. When finger movement is restricted, the control of fine writing movements is restricted, and some change in their fluency or quality of execution will occur. There may be no other aspect of handwriting identification that has received as much attention and undergone as much research as the effects of alcohol on handwriting. Beck explains that while the nonalcohol drinker has two handwriting states (sober and intoxicated), the alcoholic has three handwriting states (sober, intoxicated, and in withdrawal). Handwriting fatigue may also be intentionally induced during request standard sessions which require persons to produce a large number of handwriting samples.