chapter  4
Advances in Cereal Processing: An Approach for Energy and Water Conservation
ByP. Srinivasa Rao, Soumya Ranjan Purohit, Lakshmi E. Jayachandran
Pages 13

Worldwide, cereals are the main source of energy and nutrition according to the food habits of consumers in different regions. Cereal grains undergo many processing and unit operations for better utilization, value addition, and manifestation of its inherent functionality. At par with advancement in science and technology, processing methods are also endowed with several advances in the existing and new processing methods. Significant improvement has been made in the domain of technologies for postharvest processing and product development. Some of them are elaborated in this context, namely pneumatic polishing, freeze milling, high-pressure processing (HPP), arabinoxylan (AX) extraction, rice analogues, reduced retrogradation of starch, modified starch, and gluten-free (GF) bread.