chapter  5
Clean Energy Technologies for Sustainable Food Security
ByAprajeeta Jha, P. P. Tripathy
Pages 24

Sufficient, safe, and nutritious food is not only the basic necessity of life but also the right of every individual living on the planet. According to the projections of FAO, WFP, and IFAD (2015), nearly 842.3 million people in the world were estimated to be chronically undernourished and do not have access to sufficient food for maintaining an active and healthy life. The substantial growth in agricultural sector is an effective strategy for eradicating hunger and achieving food security. Being food secure is ensuring adequate food for everyone at all times, which can be achieved only by proper accessibility to food. This, in turn, depends on the distribution network starting from harvesting stage, postharvest processing stage, transportation stage, and distribution stage until the food reaches the consumer. However, energy is an inevitable requirement in all stages of the agri-food supply chain as can be seen from Table 5.1.