chapter  2
36 Pages

Research Methods

ByNancy J. Stone, Chaparro Alex, Joseph R. Keebler, Barbara S. Chaparro, Daniel S. McConnell

Implementation of the scientific method involves the process of testing hypotheses. After hypotheses have been established, an appropriate method and means of analysis are determined, the data are collected, and then the scientist evaluates the data and tests the hypotheses. Basic research is conducted for the sake of seeking knowledge or understanding. In basic research, the knowledge of how the visual system works, how individuals develop cognitive maps, or how individuals solve problems, for example, is the outcome desired. In contrast, applied research is conducted in order to address an actual real-world problem. Researchers could investigate the impact of various room colors on individuals' moods and mood changes to enhance mental health, the impact of various signs or landmarks on the ease of learning how to navigate a new environment, or the impact of cell phone use on safe driving behaviors.