chapter  8
30 Pages

Motor Skills and Control

ByNancy J. Stone, Chaparro Alex, Joseph R. Keebler, Barbara S. Chaparro, Daniel S. McConnell

This chapter explores how understanding human limits on speed and accuracy can be used in the design of the forklift controls. Human factors specialists must consider many aspects of human behavior in the design and analysis of a person–technology interface. The list can be long and involve the visual and attentional capabilities of the person, as well as his or her decision-making tendencies. The delay in processing visual feedback of accurate movements highlights a particular problem in one of today's newest and most exciting technologies: virtual reality (VR). Most people may think of VR as just a realistic three-dimensional world experienced while wearing a head-mounted display (HMD), and while that is an important part of VR, it is really just a part. Part of what makes the experience compelling is the ability to move around in the virtual environment (VE).